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Can You Buy Human Worm Treatment Over The Counter

That said, there are several popular (and effective) remedies consisting of the following combinations of herbs and ingredients: Black walnut leaves, wormwood, quassia, cloves, male fern. Capsicum, wormwood, sage. Cramp bark, pumpkin seed, capsicum, thyme, garlic. Black walnut, pine needles, sassafras. A pharmacist can help with worm infections.

A pharmacist can help if you have: small, white worms in your poo that look like pieces of thread. extreme itching around your anus, particularly at night. This is probably threadworms. They're common in the UK and can be treated with medicine from a pharmacy. Boots Threadworm Tablets 2 Years Plus - 4 Tablets. £7.99. 4 UNI | £2.00 per 1UNI. 1358898. Stops itching. Suitable for all the family. Orange flavour, chewable tablet. See details below. Always read the label.

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